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I need to clear out my studio in preparation for displays of new work over the fall and winter. I have past work on sale at reductions of 30% to 50%. I will also accept installment payments. Drop by to have a look and give me a call if you are interested in any of the work. I have included a few images here to give you an idea of what is available.

East Coast Images

These landscapes were produced as a result of a solo trip by truck and camper across Canada in 1990. Most of the drawings and paintings were of the coastline around St. John’s Newfoundland and of Fogo Island north of Gander.
Mixed media: watercolour, graphite, pencil crayon

Cara’s Walk

Kalamalka Provincial Park was the setting for the Cara’s Walk images. They were inspired by walks in the park with Cara, a Shepherd/Akita cross who forced me back into a daily confrontation with the beauty of our area - thank you Cara. Early morning was my favourite time for our forays into the woods and meadows meeting deer and coyotes as well as other doggy people.

Mixed media: watercolour, pen and ink, watercolour pencil

Juiper at the point

Los Olvidados

The works for this exhibition began with a trip to Guanajuato in central Mexico in 1994 where I visited and orphanage taking photographs of the children. I was captivated by the very positive life force that I felt was present in these children despite their poverty. On my return to Vernon I created ten large mixed media portraits of some of these children incorporating symbols of their Olmec, Mixtec, Aztec and Mayan heritage.

Mixed media: watercolour and watercolour pencil

Adolpho - mixed media


These paintings resulted from an exploration of Epona, the ancient Horse Goddess of the Pre-Christian Celtic people of Gaul. She presided over the health and fertility of the animals and may have been venerated as a spirit guide for the dead into afterlife. She symbolized vitality, independence and intuitive understanding. I experimented with the image of the horse as a decorative icon in tile-like images.

Acrylic Gouache on canvas

Epona Wall 2 Epona Wall 3 - mixed media
epona block print Epona block print

After the Fires

These paintings explored the horse as a grounding figurative object set in an abstracted landscape; the settling effect of a small grazing horse in the midst of an intense background. The impetus for the work was the highly charged situation surrounding the forest fires of 2003 where the whole valley seemed to be burning.

Acrylic Gouache on canvas

After the fires After the fires
After the fires After the fires

The Team Diabetes Project

In 2005, I decide to paint 100 paintings in 100 days for $100 to raise money for Diabetes Canada as a member of Canada’s Team Diabetes. I actually took about 120 days to do the paintings, but I did surpass my $6000 goal, raising approximately $8000 which enabled me to take part in the Reykjavik Iceland Marathon in August of that year. While in Iceland I also visited the farmsteads of my Icelandic ancestors.

Acrylic Gouache on canvas and board

BX sorrel horse celtic well
some of the 100 paintings

Miscellaneous Pieces

Pleasant Valley Road
final resting place